Module Review Template

Would you like to review a module you have recently taken? Please fill out our questions below in a Word document and send it through to us via our editors’ email:

Please note: Module reviews must be on undergraduate modules in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick. Unless requested, all reviews will be published anonymously.

(1500 words max)

  1. Module Review: Module Name and Code
  2. When is it taught? (Which term(s)? / All year round?):
  3. How Many CATs?:
  4. Lecturer:
  5. Who can take this module? (Year / Course):
  6. Are there any prerequisites? If not, are there any modules it is/would’ve been helpful to take beforehand?:
  7. Did you enjoy the module? Why/why not? Would you recommend the module to others? Why/why not? Are there any people in particular you’d recommend it to? (i.e. people who want a greater knowledge of X might want to take Y, people who enjoy Z might enjoy A etc.) (no more than 350 words):
  8. What did you learn in this module that you didn’t in any other module? (can be humorous or serious, can be both):
  9. 3 Questions, 1 Answer (i.e. 3 questions you asked on the course, and 1 answer that you found – you don’t have to agree with the answer or have asked the questions personally, the answer also doesn’t have to be related to the question, just things that provoked you to think):
  10. What is the mode of assessment? (Percentages and Terms Due)