Coronavirus Conspiracies: A Strain We Have Never Seen Before

This article is part of the Time Capsule 2020 project, click here to find out more. By Kenneth Quek Where was the coronavirus created – in a secret Chinese laboratory, or in Bill Gates’ luxury basement? Do hairdryers help in curing it, or would injecting hydroxychloroquine into your bloodstream be a better option? Does theContinue reading “Coronavirus Conspiracies: A Strain We Have Never Seen Before”

Science, Pseudoscience, and Psychoanalysis

By Joseph Alfon The word ‘pseudoscience’ conjures up images of close minded, dogmatic, near-crazy individuals. From flat-earthers to homeopaths, pseudoscientists are taken to be embodiments of ignorance, a reputation that is well earned. Without disputing this, I want to see whether we can find value in such pursuits as opposed to engaging in blanket condemnationContinue reading “Science, Pseudoscience, and Psychoanalysis”

How would we live if we lived forever?

Death is more than the sudden end of our subjective experience. It is also the promise that all of our actions and projects will one day fade into nothing- a gradual annihilation. We do not etch our names into the bedrock of the earth, we can only build sandcastles to be washed away in the coming tide. Action as the decisive, irrevocable, sole cause of change has never been possible.

Beyond Rationalism: The parables of Zhuangzi

by Brandon Tan A brief survey of Western Modern philosophers demonstrates that there is  cause for alarm when one is at the limits of rationality or reason. This is especially true in the area of existentialist philosophy, such as when Kierkegaard struggles to take his ‘leap of faith’. In his description of Abraham’s mental stateContinue reading “Beyond Rationalism: The parables of Zhuangzi”

Slouching Towards Love

by Jessica Corne Thanks to the internet, single people have become paralyzed by the conviction that dating is an act with as much significance and lasting value as a bowel movement. Through Tinder and Match we ask someone to fulfil our heart’s romantic notions, that intolerable itch for intimacy, for about three hours on aContinue reading “Slouching Towards Love”