Forced Discharge: A Report on the Banality of Evil

By Ollie Sanderson-Nichols In April 2020, the New York Post published an article with the header ‘Forcing nursing homes to take coronavirus patients is just insane – and evil’ (The New York Post, 2020). In this article, the editorial board of The Post lambasted the decision by state officials to mandate the discharge of elderlyContinue reading “Forced Discharge: A Report on the Banality of Evil”


The last vestiges of our fire’s embers had started to fade again; so tindered crumpled papyrus and then olive wood chunks to keep the night warm (incandescence beneath a gleaming firmament). By this point we had long left Benedictus’ atrium; I cannot but think prosaic conversation with (alleged) ideologues is a greater sedative than Posca (that wine they infuse with opium). I can just about recall the conversation I had with Remus on Politics, and his insistence that the (recent) death of Agrippa Postumus was an instance of posthumous filicide on the part of Augustus, as opposed to the more obvious truism that Tiberius wanted no political outliers.

Freedom of Belief, Semantics of the ‘Ought’, and Writing Philosophy: An Interview with Dr. Matthew Chrisman

What follows is an interview piece of Dr. Matthew Chrisman of University of  Edinburgh. The interview was held after Dr. Chrisman delivered a talk before members of the University of Warwick Philosophy Society. The talk concerned various approaches towards and formulations of the idea of freedom. Dr. Chrisman highlighted a central example of his presentation:Continue reading “Freedom of Belief, Semantics of the ‘Ought’, and Writing Philosophy: An Interview with Dr. Matthew Chrisman”

I Am Right About Literally Everything

By Kenneth Quek What would you think if I said I thought that my every belief was correct? I imagine it might sound pretty arrogant. But what if I told you that, on pain of contradiction, I had no choice but to believe my every belief was correct? This is, in essence, the dilemma thatContinue reading “I Am Right About Literally Everything”

Resisting Responsibility

The journey to accepting our freedom during a pandemic  This article is part of the Time Capsule 2020 project, click here to find out more. by Toby Tremlett “I don’t choose to exist, but I am. An absurdity which is responsible for itself, that’s exactly what I am” The Blood of Others; pg 108, Simone de BeauvoirContinue reading “Resisting Responsibility”