How would we live if we lived forever?

Death is more than the sudden end of our subjective experience. It is also the promise that all of our actions and projects will one day fade into nothing- a gradual annihilation. We do not etch our names into the bedrock of the earth, we can only build sandcastles to be washed away in the coming tide. Action as the decisive, irrevocable, sole cause of change has never been possible.

Slouching Towards Love

by Jessica Corne Thanks to the internet, single people have become paralyzed by the conviction that dating is an act with as much significance and lasting value as a bowel movement. Through Tinder and Match we ask someone to fulfil our heart’s romantic notions, that intolerable itch for intimacy, for about three hours on aContinue reading “Slouching Towards Love”

True Individualism: A commentary on “The Soul of Man Under Socialism”

by Alexander Apetroaie In his essay ‘The Soul of Man Under Socialism’, written just before the turn of the 20th century, Oscar Wilde makes some important points largely excluded from current mainstream political and social reformist thinking. Writ large throughout the essay is his concern for the realisation of true ‘Individualism’, briefly defined as theContinue reading “True Individualism: A commentary on “The Soul of Man Under Socialism””

A women’s world: The Power, by Naomi Alderman

by Laura Streanga When I finally have some time off and I try to choose a book, I almost never think of science fiction literature. But if my bookshelves await me with a novel I received from a friend, I will read it regardless of the literary genre. I like to see in the booksContinue reading “A women’s world: The Power, by Naomi Alderman”

A.I. Teleology as SF Pathology: a genealogy of science-fiction prophecies of technological power

by Alfred Purslow There are many evident commonalities in the fiction of J. G. Ballard and William Gibson – in their pathologies of contemporary culture, their significance in establishing subsequent frameworks for their respective SF sub-genres; additionally, the relationship their works have to several prominent philosophers and theorists, both in the study of literature andContinue reading “A.I. Teleology as SF Pathology: a genealogy of science-fiction prophecies of technological power”