Common Room Philosophy

A podcast by the students of the University of Warwick’s Philosophy Department featuring long-form interviews with its academics.
Listen if you want to hear in-depth but accessible conversations between students and academics, talking enthusiastically about the philosophy that interests them.

How to listen better: to poetry and philosophy- with Karen Simecek Common Room Philosophy

For the first episode of the second season of Common Room Philosophy, I interview Professor Karen Simecek. Karen is currently writing a book on the use of the lyrical voice in poetry; for this podcast we discuss ideas from that work such as the role of voice in poetry and the ethical relationship between the performance poet and the audience member. We then apply these insights to the subject of philosophy, discussing how to make our conversations more kind and our practices more collaborative. Listen to this episode if you are interested in having better conversations about philosophy or listening better to poetry.  Some links to readings mentioned in the episode: More on Karen and her work: Karen’s poetry book recommendation- Jen Hadfield’s Nigh-No-Place: Another poet Karen mentions- Anthony Anaxagorou: Pamela Sue Anderson's talk on speaker vulnerability: Interview and audio editing by Toby Tremlett (@toby_tremlett). Find us on Twitter at @RoomPhilosophy.
  1. How to listen better: to poetry and philosophy- with Karen Simecek
  2. Moral Deference and Practical Deliberation – with Adina Covaci
  3. The Rule of the Knowers, Justified Protests and the Duties of Democratic Citizens- with Sameer Bajaj
  4. Covid-19, Challenge Trials and Effective Advocacy- with Peter Singer and 1Day Sooner
  5. What Makes a Democracy Democratic?- with Sameer Bajaj

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Conducted and edited by Toby Tremlett. Cover art by Alicia Lukman.

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