Common Room Philosophy

A podcast by the students of the University of Warwick’s Philosophy Department featuring long-form interviews with its academics.
Listen if you want to hear in-depth but accessible conversations between students and academics, talking enthusiastically about the philosophy that interests them.

Moral Deference and Practical Deliberation – with Adina Covaci Common Room Philosophy

This episode is an interview with Warwick Philosopher Adina Covaci. We discuss her route into philosophy, why ethics professors might not act ethically and her recent argument for the wrongness of regularly deferring to others on your moral opinions.  Listen to this podcast for an exploration of questions such as: What book would Adina send back to her 16 year old self? Why is it wrong to repeatedly engage in moral deference?  What is practical deliberation, and why is it important to our lives? Is obeying government Covid-19 guidelines an example of repeated moral deference? This interview was conducted and edited by Toby Tremlett Follow us on Twitter @RoomPhilosophy for the chance to ask questions that could be featured in our interviews.
  1. Moral Deference and Practical Deliberation – with Adina Covaci
  2. The Rule of the Knowers, Justified Protests and the Duties of Democratic Citizens- with Sameer Bajaj
  3. Covid-19, Challenge Trials and Effective Advocacy- with Peter Singer and 1Day Sooner
  4. What Makes a Democracy Democratic?- with Sameer Bajaj
  5. How to be a Good Ancestor: Thinking and Acting for the Future- with Roman Krznarik

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Conducted and edited by Toby Tremlett. Cover art by Alicia Lukman.

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